Most Compact Inversion Table

Most Compact Inversion Table

Mastercare MINI Standard Inversion Table

Most Compact Inversion TableBy far the most compact Inversion Table is the Mastercare MINI Standard Inversion Table.  This inversion table is about half the size of a regular foldable inversion table.  At around 100 lbs the compact inversion table is able to be moved around but also very well built.

Here is the product description:

The Mastercare MINI inversion table is the smallest, fully functioning Inversion Table on the market. But don’t let its size fool you; this table provides the benefits of inversion therapy to users of all sizes! The MINI fits any user with a height between 4 foot 4 inches and 7 foot 1 inches. This compact inversion table has a moving backboard to allow for full rhythmic traction. The inversion angle is limited to 15 degrees, which is all you really need to reap the benefits of inversion. The MINI folds down so compact that you can take it anywhere!

Here is what you need to know about this Compact Inversion Table

What height and weight can it hold?

  • Height it can hold from 4′ 4″ up to 7′ 1″
  • Weight it can hold up to 220 lbs

Can I go completely upside down in this inversion table?

  • Unfortunately you can’t go completely vertical, you can only invert about 15 degrees
  • Don’t let the 15 degrees fool you though, you are able to get a very good benefit from that low of an inversion angle.

Most Compact Inversion Table




What are people saying about this Compact Inversion Table

  • Great Mini Inversion table
  • “Sturdy and not scary”
  • The 15 degrees is great, it relieves my back pain without it hurting”

Where can I buy the Mastercare MINI Standard Inversion Table?

You can find the compact inversion table at the best price Here.