How To Use An Inversion Table

How To Use An Inversion Table

Inversion table are very easy to use and takes no time at all on learning how to use an inversion table.  There are basically two steps to using the inversion table correctly and once you know what they are, they are easy to use.  Here are the two things to know how to use an inversion table.

How To Get Into An Inversion Table

The first thing you’ll need to learn to do is how to get into an inversion table, which is very easy to do.

Here are the steps to getting ready.

  1. Set your height on the inversion table.  Usually around the foot area of the inversion Inversion Table Foot Resttable you will find a spot where you can adjust the inversion table to your height.  By doing this it will make it easier for you to go upside down.  Adjust the height as accurately as possible for the best experience inverting.
  2. Stand in the foot holder area and lock in your feet.  On the inversion table you will see a spot to stand in and lock in your feet.  Make sure that when you lock in your feet that the device that locks you in is very snug and secure.
  3. Lean back against the table.  Next you’ll want to lean back so that your back is flat against the inversion table.  When you lean back the inversion table should not go anywhere.  If it does start to move back then you’ll need to adjust the height again.
  4. Raise up your arms.  Lastly you’ll want to raise up your arms very slowly, starting with one at a time.  You’ll notice that when you start raising your arms the inversion table will slowly start to invert.  Do this until you reach your desired inversion.

How To Pick An Inversion Degree Setting

The first thing you’ll need to know is what setting is going to work for you and how long you should stay inverted on that setting.  You must start slowly no matter how athletic or young you are.

Here are a few things you should know when first inverting

  • Start at the lowest level (the lowest incline)
  • Start by only inverting for a minute so your body can get used to it.
  • When first starting out try and do it 2 or 3 times a day at short intervals.
  • If something doesn’t feel right stop inverting and readjust.
  • Most importantly talk to your doctor before starting this!

Using these tips you should have to problem getting started using your inversion table.